Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Product: Tumaro's Garden Vegetable Low-in-Carbs Gourmet Tortillas

I found these at my local Kroger's today. They are sold in the Mexican Food section and do not need refrigeration before opening. I came home and used one to wrap my turkey & swiss cheese in for lunch. It tasted good and the texture was soft and pliable. Check out the web site by clicking on the title above. They come in 3 other flavors besides Garden Vegetable (Green Onion, Multi Grain, and Salsa) and all have between 4-7 g of carbs and each one has 8 g of fiber. For complete nutrition information on all 4 flavors, click here.

Pros:  low carb, hi fiber, widely available
Cons: 1 g sugar
Cost: $3.29 for 10
S/C: 1/1

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