Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Product: Santa Fe Tortilla Company

This company makes many varieties of tortillas. I recently bought a couple pkgs when I was in Santa Fe and put them in my freezer. Amber (of meandjorge fame!) just tweeted about finding a tortilla with less than 18 g carbs. I went out to my freezer and pulled out both bags. I bought them at different times in different places and thought the only difference was the size of the package. Upon reading the nutrition labels, I find that I have 2 kinds. The packaging is very similar so if you are looking for the highest fiber/lowest carb variety, make sure you are buying their Homestyle Whole Grain Tortillas, not the Homestyle Whole Wheat Tortillas. What's the difference, you say? Yes, they both sound healthy and they are, compared to your run of the mill tortilla. In doing a little googling, I find Santa Fe also has a variety called "Carb Chopper" which I haven't seen but will be looking for. Check the diffs in nutrition per serving:
carb 25 13 7
fiber 4 7 3
protein 5 8 4
sugar 0 0 0
fat 2.5 3.5 2.5
sodium 293 490 260
S/C 0/2 0/1 0/1 (for 2!)

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