Friday, November 13, 2009

Product: Virgil's Diet Vanilla Cream Soda

Reeds Inc. makes Virgil's Soda. The diet varieties are sweetened without sugar, they use stevia and xylitol. Each 12 oz. bottle contains only 2 g of carbs, 5 mg sodium and 6 calories. I bought this in a 4-pk but it was also available at my health food store by the bottle for a greater cost. It's been awhile since I had regular cream soda, I remember drinking Barq's Cream Soda as a kid and loved it. This somewhat reminded me of that but it's been many years. The flavor tasted a bit too sweet for me but was pretty good. I also have the diet root beer and diet black cherry cream soda so we'll see how they are.

Pros: No sugar, low carbs, low calorie, low sodium
Cons: A bit sweet for me, high cost
Cost: $6.69 4 Pk works out to $1.67 a bottle
S/C: 0/0

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  1. I tried it today and thought it was horrible.